New Orleans, we can do better.

Our city has spoken, we want a celebrity to lead us into a new era of safety and prosperity. Why settle for anyone but the best? Carl Weathers is the right celebrity for our great city.

While Carl himself has no connection to this campaign, it is our intention to show Mr. Weathers how much New Orleans needs him. Share campaign videos online, pass this website on to a friend, help us get the word out there. When Carl sees the outpouring of support in his home city, he'll have no choice but to consider a run for a local seat.

He may not be on the ballot, but this coming election, do the right thing and write in Carl Weathers. Some would try to convince you that you're wasting your vote, but let's get real New Orleans. We live in the most dangerous city in America. Our education system lags behind an already poor national standard. Skilled professionals leave our city in droves, in search of jobs that do not exist locally. Our elected officials have failed us, whether through apathy or corruption, it matters not. Say no to career politicians, and say yes to Carl Weathers.


Vote for Carl Weathers

Although he is not on the ballot for Mayor of New Orleans, we can still make sure our voice is heard come election time. Instead of casting your vote for some career politician, furthering the cycle of corruption and greed, send a message to City Hall, and indeed to Carl Weathers himself. Write in your vote for Carl Weathers. We need a wise celebrity leader like Mr. Weathers to lead us into a better tomorrow.

Don't let the other celebrity campaigns fool you, they're only in it for the t-shirt profits. Our goal is not financial gain, we merely want our voice to be heard. Carl Weathers, surely you cannot ignore the city of your birth when she needs you the most?
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