Your contribution is appreciated.

We'd love to make up lawn signs for the campaign, maybe buttons we could hand out in the city, that sort of thing. However, the people behind Carl Weathers for Mayor are actually poor local artists that can barely afford this website let alone a full blown mayoral campaign. Never the less, we promise to promote the idea of Carl Weathers for Mayor no matter what level of support our funding can provide. Even if not the mayor of our great city New Orleans, for some other lucky city or town.

If you'd like to help us in this cause, please contribute by donating below through PayPal. Money donated will go towards a more fully fleshed out campaign, as well as helping our other causes. Please visit us at to learn more about who we are and what we do before making any monetary contributions.


Thank you so much
This campaign is nothing without the public that has rallied around it. We owe all that we've accomplished to you, the proud people of New Orleans. The strong, brave, diverse population of our fine city. And it is for you that Carl Weathers would probably fight everyday if he were to be elected Mayor. Thank you again.

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