Top issues and frequently asked questions.

Is Carl really running for mayor?
Sadly, the asnwer to that question is no. But this site was created with the hopes of changing that. We feel that Mr. Weathers would be an ideal candidate to bring real change to our city. He is a patriot, spending his free time helping train our troops in simulated Iraqi villages in California. He is a civic supporter, volunteering with organizations like Big Brother. He is a patron of the athletic arts, serving on the U.S. Olympic Committee helping young athletes further their career. New Orleans needs a leader who is not seeking office for personal gain through wealth or fame. But rather someone who only wants what is best for our city.

Who is behind this campaign?
The Carl Weathers for Mayor campaign is the result of an unemployed graphic designer being given too much free time. Our art collective, the Fifth Quarter Allstars continues to support the cause, hoping to get Carl to consider a future run for office.

Won't I be wasting my vote?
We hear this a lot when suggesting that voters write in Carl Weathers on the upcoming ballot. Personally, we find the idea of "wasting a vote" to be a little ridiculous. Sure you can cast your vote for the politicians on the ballot. But we cannot afford to have "business as usual" in City Hall for another four years. New Orleans has a history of electing self serving politicians. Career politicians and business tycoons have only proven themselves to be ineffective at solving our city's probems. We need a wise, incorruptable celebrity to take the helm and steer us towards a brighter future and a better tomorrow.

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