The latest campaign news

First official campaign commercial released
December 2009
Head on over to the media room section of our website to check out our first of several campaign videos.

Carl Weathers for Mayor mentioned in the NY Times
October 2009
An article about the mayoral race in New Orleans links to our humble site, read the full article on their website.

The Times Picayune chimes in
August 2009
Local paper the Times Picayune writes an article on our campaign. It features a photo of Mr. Weathers sans-mustache. It's rare that a mustache can make a person look less creepy.

Demand more Carl Weathers!
Has your local news agency given Carl Weather's run for Mayor enough media attention? What about the local paper, or your favorite online blog? Write to your favorite news source and demand more coverage of the Carl Weathers campaign for Mayor of New Orleans! The people have a right to know all of the facts.

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